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How to File a Diminished Value Claim in Texas?

Property damage to your car may be obvious after a wreck, but less obvious is the diminished value of your vehicle. Below, we discuss how to file a diminished value claim in Texas, and why you should bring it up in settlement negotiations. What Does "Diminished Value" Mean? After a car accident, the insurance company [...]


Is Texas a No-Fault State When It Comes to Car Accidents?

After a car accident, your foremost concern is probably getting compensation for your injuries. Do you file a claim with your insurance company, or go through the other driver's? The answer depends on whether you live in a no-fault vs. fault state. So is Texas a no-fault state, or does it follow the traditional fault-based [...]


Is Lane Splitting Legal in Texas?

While motorcycle riders must follow the same traffic laws as other drivers, some laws are unique to them — including those regarding lane splitting. But is lane splitting legal in Texas? What Is Lane Splitting? Lane splitting involves driving between two lanes. This often happens when traffic is stopped or moving slowly and the motorcycle rider wants [...]


Can You Recover Damages for Motorcycle Road Rash?

If a motorcycle accident caused you to hit the asphalt, you may have suffered from a painful scrape or bruise. Motorcycle road rash can be serious, requiring significant medical treatment. It can also lead to other complications if not treated properly. At Brylak Law, we can help you recover damages for your injuries after a motorcycle crash. What Is [...]


What Is the Statute of Limitations on Car Accident Claims in Texas?

Each state has a statute of limitations on car accident claims which sets the time frame for when you can file a claim or lawsuit against a negligent driver. In Texas, that period is two years. What If My Car Accident Happened More Than Two Years Ago? Texas makes it very difficult to file a [...]


Suing for Pain and Suffering in a Car Accident in Texas

Unlike a broken arm or a dented fender, pain and suffering is both subjective and intangible — and therefore difficult to prove. So what should you keep in mind when suing for pain and suffering in a car accident? What Are Economic and Non-Economic Damages? In a car accident, you are entitled to collect both economic and non-economic [...]


Who Pays in a 3-Car Accident?

Accidents involving multiple cars can be confusing, not only for the drivers but also for those who investigate what happened. Just like in any accident, it's important to establish who is at fault. In other words, who pays in a 3-car accident? Below, we discuss common scenarios for multi-car accidents, and what factors help determine who is liable [...]