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Becky was on her way home from work, when she was hit by another driver attempting to make a u-turn. She was unable to pay for medical treatment when she went to Brylak Law for help. Brylak Law attorneys negotiated with her medical providers to make sure she got the surgery that she needed and [...]

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Mark was enjoying his dinner at a local restaurant.While he was walking to the restroom, he slipped and fell on water that the restaurant had allowed to remain on the floor, even after an employee had previously fallen. Mark fractured his femur and required hospitalization. Brylak Law lawyers negotiated a $240,000.00 settlement on his behalf. [...]

Case Result3

Maria was on her way home from work, when she was rear-ended by another vehicle. Maria suffered a herniated disk in her neck that required surgery. Wallace Brylak negotiated with her doctors and made sure she had the surgery she needed even though Maria did not have health insurance. Brylak Law attorneys were able to [...]

Case Result 2

Barry had surgery to relieve his neck and arm pain caused by an automobile accident with an underinsured driver. His insurance company refused to pay. Brylak Law attorneys filed suit, and Barry’s insurance company paid the limits of its policy. After attorney’s fees and case expenses, Barry received a check for $ 59,408.09.

case result1

Wallace Brylak helped the family whose husband and father died in an industrial accident. Brylak law attorneys filed suit when it became clear that an industrial component malfunctioned. Wallace Brylak fought hard and after taking scores of witness and expert depositions, Wallace Brylak was able to secure a settlement in excess of 3.5 million dollars. [...]

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