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Motor Vehicle Accidentspersonal injury lawyers

Motor vehicle accidents may vary greatly in the amount of damage they cause or the injuries their victims suffer. There is one thing they have in common, however. Chiefly, dealing with even minor vehicle accidents in San Antonio is very rarely cheap. Generally, handling with the insurance claims, expenses, and injuries resulting from even a small accident can be a large hassle. Nevertheless, consult with one of our personal injury lawyers in San Antonio about your specific case.

We can help you with accidents in San Antonio regarding:

Truck Driving Accidents

Large trucks are a necessary part of our nation’s infrastructure. Namely, these vehicles move heavy cargo nationwide in several day-long shifts. However, since these vehicles are so large and heavy, motor vehicle accidents involving them have the potential to cause a serious amount of damage to both property and people. To demonstrate, over 4,000 trucks are involved in fatal accidents and these incidents kill about 5,000 people annually.

If you or someone you love suffered injuries in an accident with a semi-truck, then you deserve compensation for your pain.

Common causes of large truck accidents include the following:

Motorcycle Accidents

Because operators of motorcycles use the same roadways as cars and large trucks, these individuals find themselves at a higher risk of serious injury or even death should they collide with one of these more powerful machines. In 2006, crashes killed a reported 4,810 motorcyclists.

If you or someone you care about has been injured in a motorcycle crash caused by another’s negligence, then you deserve help.

Premises Liability

All property owners have certain duties towards anyone who may enter their property. Premises liability is the legal term for this responsibility, because people can be held liable for injuries suffered on their property.

According to the law, if you have been injured by a property owner’s negligence, you may be able to win compensation for related expenses. San Antonio premises liability lawyer, Wallace Brylak, can explain your rights and options to you.

A property owner who fails to take proper care of his or her guests can cause:

An experienced San Antonio premises liability lawyer will be able to help you understand the damages you are eligible for in order to help you reach a fair settlement.

Under Texas law, property owners have different obligations to different kinds of visitors on their property, including:

Invitee: This is a person who enters a business that is open to the public. For example, a customer in a store or a guest to an amusement park would be an invitee. Consequently, business owners have a duty to make sure their premises are reasonably safe for everyone.

Licensee: This is an invited guest to a person’s home. People have a duty to warn licensees about any hazards known to them. A person who does not know about a certain hazard may not be liable for injuries it causes.

Trespasser: This is a visitor with no explicit or implied invitation. People have a duty not to willfully harm trespassers, except in self-defense.

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If you have sustained injuries due to the negligence of a business or homeowner, contact personal injury lawyer, Wallace Brylak.