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Premises Liability Attorney in San Antonio - gavel If you are injured while on someone else’s property, a knowledgeable and experienced premises liability attorney in San Antonio could assist you in determining whether you’re entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages under the theory of premises liability.


Generally, owners, anyone who controls the property (e.g. tenant), or any employee (collectively referred to as “defendant”) have an obligation to maintain a reasonably safe condition on a residential, commercial, or industrial property. If an unsafe, defective or dangerous condition exists, the defendant must remedy the condition or provide adequate warnings. Accidents caused by these conditions are “premises liability” accidents.


To succeed in a premises liability action, Brylak Law’s premises liability attorney in San Antonio must first determine your legal status on the premises:

  • Trespasser: entering property without legal authority. The lowest standard, the defendant’s duty is to only avoid causing you injury by intentional or willful conduct.
  • Licensee: entering property with the defendant’s permission but not by invitation. The defendant’s duty is to not cause you injury by willful or wanton conduct or by gross negligence. The defendant must warn you of hidden dangers that are known to him. The defendant must have actual knowledge of the danger.
  • Invitee: entering a business open to the public. The highest standard, the defendant must use ordinary care to make the premises reasonably safe for your use. The defendant does not need actual knowledge of the dangerous condition, so long as a reasonable person would have knowledge of the condition.

Then, you must show:

  • The defendant owned, leased, occupied or had control over the property;
  • An unsafe or dangerous condition exists on the property;
  • The defendant had actual or constructive knowledge of the condition;
  • The defendant did not exercise reasonable care to reduce or eliminate the risk;
  • You were harmed; and,
  • The defendant’s conduct or lack thereof caused your harm.


A premises liability attorney in San Antonio lists different types of premises liability accidents:

Seek a Premises Liability Attorney in San Antonio

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