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Work Injury Lawyer in San Antonio Explains How to Seek Compensation When Injured on the Job

work injury lawyer san antonioWere you injured in a worksite accident when, for example, the scaffolding you were on suddenly collapsed, you were hit by a forklift, or injured on an oil field by a well blow out? Even if you are barred from filing a claim against your employer under Texas’s Workers’ Compensation Law, our experienced work injury lawyer in San Antonio knows that you are not out of options.

Employer’s Fault

Unlike most states, private companies are not required to subscribe to workers’ compensation in Texas. If your employer offers workers’ compensation benefits to its employees, then irrespective of fault, if you were injured on the job while performing your duties, you will receive benefits. The trade-off is that even if your employer is at fault for the accident resulting in your injuries, you cannot file a civil suit against your employer.

If, however, your employer opted out of the workers’ compensation system or has workers’ compensation insurance that is not recognized by the Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission, then you may file a direct claim against your employer for negligence.

Potential Parties at Fault

Irrespective of whether your employer provides workers’ compensation benefits, other parties could be at fault for your injuries. These parties may include:

  • General contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Landowners
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Service contractors

For example, the manufacturing company could be held responsible under product liability if the scaffolding that collapsed while you were on it was defective. Another subcontractor who negligently operated the forklift that hit you may be at fault for your injuries. If you are a pipe worker on an oil field who was injured by a well blow out, the manufacturing company of the well, the owner of the oil field, general contractor, and other subcontractors could be liable.

Contact a Work Injury Lawyer San Antonio

If you or someone you know were injured at a worksite accident, our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys are here to help. We will evaluate your case, conduct a thorough investigation to discover the parties who could be responsible for your injuries, obtain and review your medical records and strategize the best arguments for your case.  Seek assistance from a work injury lawyer in San Antonio with Brylak Law at 866.883.5533 now!