A Texas Whistleblower Attorney Explains Whistleblowing

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If you believe that you have witnessed illegal, fraudulent, or otherwise unethical conduct in the workplace, you may report it, and a Texas whistle blower attorney can help protect your rights throughout the process. Every year federal and state governments deal with thousands of contractors, and billions of dollars are exchanged. Unfortunately, many people and companies take advantage of this system to defraud their employees and the taxpayers. As such, government entities encourage employees and citizens to report the misconduct that they encounter, and in many cases, compensation is offered to the whistle blower for exposing the wrongdoer. At Brylak Law, our Texas whistleblower attorneys have helped many people expose wrongdoing in federal, state, and corporate environments, and we have recovered substantial sums of money on their behalf.

  • A whistle blower can be any person who has knowledge or information regarding unlawful, unethical, or other questionable acts committed by a person, organization or company and seeks to expose the wrongdoer for their actions. Whistle blower claims may also be known as “qui tam” actions.

There are many types of activity that may be subject to a valid whistle blower claim, including:

  • Violations of state or federal law for things such as discrimination, insider trading, or violations of contractual agreements
  • Failing to report or misreporting required disclosures such as tax information, customs information, or illegal activity carried out by corporate shareholders or officers
  • MediCare, Social Security, or other public benefits fraud

What happens If I “blow the whistle” on a Person or Organization?

Every case is different, but you are subject to legal protections as a whistle blower. If you are an employee, it is unlawful for your employer to retaliate against you by firing you, demoting you, or otherwise attempting to intimidate you. Of course, the practical reality is that many people who are subject to these investigations still attempt to silence the whistle blower or mitigate the effects of the allegations. Our Texas whistle blower attorneys will advise you on what to expect, help you to manage the fallout after the report is made and file any necessary lawsuits or claims to protect your rights.

Regardless of whether or not the conduct you have witnessed is unlawful, it is worthwhile to discuss the circumstances with an experienced Texas whistle blower attorney. It is not enough to simply expose the wrongdoer. You will need to have a plan in place prior to reporting the misconduct to ensure that your personal rights and reputation are not harmed once the case is filed and begins proceeding through the judicial process.

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