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Life and Disability Insurance Benefit Denials

Why Were My Life or Disability Insurance Benefits Denied?

San Antonio Insurance Claims lawyer - medical invoiceAfter contributing so much money to your insurance, the last thing you want to deal with is having your life or disability insurance benefits denied. However, our San Antonio insurance claims lawyer knows that a denied claim is not necessarily the final verdict. When the denial is in bad faith, you may legally contest the denial to receive the funds owed to you.

Life Insurance Benefit Denials

If you have been denied life insurance benefits as the beneficiary, you are entitled to appeal the denial. Although there may be situations where the denial is valid, often the denial is due to a mistake or made in bad faith. Our insurance claims lawyer in San Antonio frequently sees bad faith denials occurring during these situations:

  • Death occurred during a contestability period, which is generally the first two years of the life insurance coverage or reinstatement.
  • Alleged material misrepresentation, such as a mistake, error, or omission the policyholder may have made in the initial application for life insurance coverage. If, however, during the application process, the insurance agent led the policyholder to complete his or her application erroneously, whether by accident or intentional, you may be able to recover the benefits owed to you.
  • Death during the application period, which is when the policy application is being completed and finalized, if the insurance company offered temporary life insurance during this period.
  • Denial of accidental death benefits, although the company may pay for the policy’s face value.
  • Claim denied due to lapse in payment.
  • Settling an incontestable policy for a reduced amount of the benefits.

Disability Insurance Benefit Denials

When your disability insurance benefits are denied, our San Antonio insurance claims attorney oftentimes see the reason for denial being:

  • Your illness or injury is not severe as to impair your ability to work.
  • There is no objective medical proof of disability
  • You actually suffer from mental illnesses (e.g. depression, anxiety or stress) rather than physical limitations or restrictions

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Appealing or suing for denied insurance benefits is complex and often times both contract and fact-oriented. Our attorney will meticulously review your policy, investigate your claim, and develop the best strategy to obtain the benefits you are rightly due.  Call 210.733.5533 to discuss your benefits denial with our San Antonio insurance claims attorney at Brylak Law today!