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Colorado Springs CO Contracts LawyerGovernment contracts can be complex, and when fraud is involved, you should contact a Colorado Springs CO contracts lawyer. The government engages many entities and individuals with contracts to build roads, supply facilities, and more. State and federal governments both work with contracts on a daily basis. However, any time they work with contracts, they are subject to fraud. If you suspect that fraud is involved in a government contract, contact Brylak Law as soon as possible.

Contract Fraud Related to Government Construction Projects

One of the primary situations in which the government utilizes contracts is on construction projects. The government must work with many contractors and subcontractors on a regular basis. Some of the fraud people encounter when it comes to government contracts include the following:

  • Bribes related to bid-rigging
  • Submitting false documents or reports
  • Not adhering to specifications in the contract
  • Overcharging for man hours or materials
  • Obtaining illegal kickbacks
  • Providing substandard workmanship
  • Supplying substandard materials
  • Falsifying status as a minority contractor

The government may not be aware of the fraud that is happening from these contractors. It’s important to reach out to a Colorado Springs CO contracts lawyer who can help you bring this information to light.

Fraudulent and False Claims in Government Contracts

State and federal governments utilize contracts in many situations other than construction projects. Any time the government works with another entity or individual, they typically form a contract. Fraud is always a potential when the government develops a contractual relationship with an outside source.

False Claims commonly occur in government purchasing situations. When the government purchases services, materials, and goods, they are subject to fraudulent activity from the contractor. This may include computers, office equipment, fuel, food, and more for use by government employees.

A Colorado Springs CO contracts lawyer can help you determine if your situation involves fraudulent activity and what steps you should take next.

What to Do If You Suspect the Government Has Been Subject to Fraudulent Activity

The government often relies on members of the public to “blow the whistle” if they suspect fraudulent activity in a government contract. Thus, the government has established a process to encourage people to report such activity. You may file a claim under the False Claims Act or through a qui tam lawsuit. Your legal options depend on the circumstances of your specific case.

You may be considered a “whistleblower” if you report fraudulent activity in a government contract. You may be worried about your job and what will happen next. However, the law protects you when you report illegal activity related to a government a contract. In fact, you may even be able to obtain between 15 and 30 percent of the compensation that the government obtains from the fraudulent party.

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Blowing the whistle on your employer or another organization or individual can be difficult. You may be unsure about what you have seen and need someone else to conduct an investigation. Contact a Colorado Springs CO contracts lawyer at Brylak Law to discuss your situation.