Any car accident is unpleasant, but a hit and run accident can be especially frustrating. Not only do you have deal with injuries and damage to your car, but you may also feel like you have nowhere to turn. You do, however, have options available to you. A San Antonio hit and run accident lawyer may be able to help.

Why Drivers Flee the Scene

Typically, drivers who flee the scene of the accident in Texas don’t have insurance, don’t have a valid license, or were drunk at the time. Sometimes, they’re operating stolen vehicles and they flee the scene in the hopes that they can escape arrest. Other times, they simply don’t want to pay for the damages.

So if you were in a hit and run, what can you do? Can you still recover compensation with or without the identity of the at-fault driver? Here are some things you can do after an accident.

Stay at the Scene and Call the Police

Call the police as soon as possible if you are capable of doing so. If you need medical services, the police will arrange for an ambulance to come. That can be used as evidence to either track down the offending driver or to bolster your insurance claim. With your help, as the testimony of any witnesses, the police will be able to create an accident report that could prove valuable later.

Do not leave the scene even if you don’t think you have any severe injuries. Police may charge you with leaving the scene of the accident even if the other driver was negligent.

File an Uninsured Motorist Claim

If police are unable to track down the at-fault driver, or if you don’t know who the driver was, you can file a claim against your uninsured motorist insurance if you carry it. While every motorist is required to carry liability insurance, not every motorist will. Uninsured motorist coverage allows you to purchase a policy in the same amount as your liability coverage.

Texas requires every driver to carry a minimum of $30,000. While the law does not require you to carry uninsured/underinsured policies, it is a very good idea to obtain this. These policies pay out when your expenses are greater than the at-fault driver’s liability coverage. They also cover you when the other driver flees the scene of the accident or never had any insurance in the first place. If you don’t carry UM/UIM insurance, all expenses related to injury or property damage will come out of your own pocket.

Speak to a Hit and Run Accident Lawyer in San Antonio TX

In some cases, insurance companies will play hardball with their own policyholders who file UM/UIM claims. An attorney can ensure that you are compensated for all of your injuries and damages. In other words, we can help you preserve the value of your claim.

Be sure to contact a hit and run accident lawyer if you:

  • Were seriously injured in the accident and require significant or expensive medical treatment;
  • Will be missing time from work and will not have income for a definite amount of time;
  • Either don’t have health insurance or you have a high deductible on your health insurance;
  • Don’t think that the insurance adjuster is offering you a fair settlement; or,
  • Believe that your total damages are extensive enough to warrant hiring a professional to negotiate for you.

How Can a San Antonio TX Hit and Run Accident Lawyer Help?

In an accident where the other driver doesn’t have insurance, the first thing the insurance company will do is begin researching that other driver. If the driver fled the scene, they will attempt to track them down. They do this in the hopes that they can shift the liability to another policy. This should give you some indication as to how the insurance company is thinking. Their goal is to avoid paying or reduce the value of your claim to the greatest extent possible. Your car accident attorney can help make sure this doesn’t happen.

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If you are struck by a driver who either doesn’t have insurance or has fled the scene of an accident, you need a hit and run accident lawyer that can help you increase your chances of receiving compensation for your damages. Contact Brylak Law today to learn more.