As an experienced Texas & Colorado Personal Injury Lawyer, the majority of Brylak Law cases are referred to us from past clients. We treat all our clients as if they are our only client. We handle all of our cases on a contingency fee basis. Simply put, there is no retainer or hourly billing. You pay only if you win. Often times your family doctor won’t treat you if you were injured in an accident. Furthermore, the insurance company will not pay for your treatment.
We will work with your doctors so you can receive the medical care you need with no up-front cost to you.

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Texas & Colorado Personal Injury Lawyer

In the event that someone else’s negligence resulted in sustained injuries, you may seek compensation. Our personal injury attorney in San Antonio will work relentlessly to acquire evidence in order to develop your best arguments in support of your case.

  • Wrongful Death: If someone else’s negligence or a criminal act led to your loved one’s death, we will put forth our finest in order to obtain justice.
  • Medicare/Medicaid Fraud: If you believe that a medical provider, administrator, billing clerk, or nurse has committed Medicare fraud, our attorney in San Antonio will explain how to report the matter so that you minimize your own risks.
  • Whistleblower: When your employer is engaging in illegal activities, you may be wondering what the next step will be and seeking protection. Our Texas whistle blower attorneys knows your dilemma and can advise you of your rights.
  • Denied Life Insurance or Disability Benefits: Denial of life insurance or disability benefits when you lack money to support yourself and your family is exasperating. We will painstakingly review, investigate, and argue your case in an effort to obtain much needed benefits.
  • Contact Our Personal Injury Lawyer San Antonio: Our dedicated attorneys will fight to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve. Contact a personal injury attorney in San Antonio with Brylak Law at (210) 405.7118.

Texas & Colorado Personal Injury Attorney

Texas & Colorado Personal Injury Claim Process

Step 1: File a Petition to Initiate the Lawsuit

Your lawyer will file a document called a Petition. The petition lays out the basic facts of the case, what torts occurred and what kind of damages you suffered. The lawsuit names you as a Plaintiff, and the person or company who injured you as the Defendant.

Based on where you were injured, and who injured you, your lawyer will assess where to file a lawsuit. This means that he will determine which state, county and city (venue) is the proper place to bring your case.

Step 2: Serve Notice of the Lawsuit

After filing the lawsuit in the Texas & Colorado personal injury claim process, your lawyer will notify the defendant of the lawsuit. The court will issue a document called a citation which your lawyer will have a process server serve on the defendant. A process server is a part of a company that regularly serves individuals with legal papers as required by the Texas & Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure.

Step 3: Defendant’s Answer

After the defendant receives the petition, pursuant to the Texas & Colorado personal injury claim process, the defendant has to answer the complaint. An answer is a legal document in which the defendant responds to the facts and legal claims in the plaintiff’s petition. If the defendant does not answer, it’s possible you could win the case by securing a default judgment.

Step 4: Information Gathering

After you file a lawsuit, you have access to more information. Now, the Texas & Colorado personal injury claim process allows you gather information through a “discovery.” During the discovery period, you can request information, documents, and testimony from the defendant. However, the defendants can also request information from you.

Pre-Trial Motions

Part of the Texas & Colorado personal injury claim process allows the lawyers to file motions that ask the judge to decide certain issues before the case ever gets to a jury. This could include the defendants asking the court to dismiss your case. It’s important to have a lawyer who is familiar with the Texas & Colorado personal injury claim process. Chiefly, your case could be dismissed for failing to follow the procedural rules or failing to show that you have a case in the petition.

Step 6: Trial

You have the right to a jury trial. However, your lawyer may decide that it is strategically better to have a judge decide the case. Either way, the verdict is the decision the jury or judge make.

Step 7: Appeal and Post-Trial Motions

Either side can appeal the verdict within a month, or, file a Motion for New Trial.

Hire a Skilled Attorney to Walk You Through the Texas & Colorado Personal Injury Claim Process

Only a personal injury attorney in Texas & Colorado has working knowledge of the Texas & Colorado personal injury claim process. Our firm can effectively litigate your case to get you the best results. Call Brylak Law today at (866) 883-5533 to discuss your case with a personal injury attorney in Texas & Colorado.