speeding car San Antonio Car Accident LawyerYou may be entitled to compensation if you were injured in an accident. Whether you wish to settle your personal injury case or you go to trial, you must determine how much money, or compensation, you are claiming. An experienced San Antonio car accident lawyer will help you calculate and provide evidence of what you believe you should be compensated for.

Calculating Your Compensation

Compensation includes economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are your calculable expenses and losses. A knowledgeable San Antonio car accident attorney would include the following when determining your economic damages:

  • Past, present, and future medical costs. This includes your medical treatment and any out-of-pocket expenses associated with your injuries, such as drugs.
  • Lost and future earnings. If your injuries caused you to be absent from work for any length of time, decrease in hours at work, or termination, you will need the following to show your lost and/or future wages:
    • Payroll and employment records
    • Income tax records before and after the accident
    • Real versus taxable income

One of them most frequent request for non-economic damages a San Antonio car accident lawyer will request is compensation for your pain and suffering. Pain and suffering is subjective and thus, there is no way to accurately calculate your compensation. Rather, you need circumstantial evidence to show how your injuries affect your quality of life by providing proof of your restrictions and limitations. Not only will you be relying on your doctor’s narrative explaining your diagnosis, treatment, pain level, limitations and restrictions, but also anything you have done to compensate for what you can no longer do. For example, if you used to mow your own lawn but need to hire a landscaper to perform this task, you should provide this evidence.

The attached video provides further details regarding the compensation you should be claiming.

Consult a San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer

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