If a negligent driver has caused you injuries, you’ll probably need a car accident settlement fast. Otherwise, repair bills, medical bills, lost income, and more may cause you financial hardship. Few of us have enough money saved to handle the demands of an unexpected car crash.

But here’s the thing. There’s no formula for determining how much you should receive, no matter had badly you’ve suffered. Worse, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the settlement you deserve if you lack the proper representation. At Brylak Law, we can help maximize your settlement.

An experienced car accident attorney can make a huge difference in the size of your car accident settlement, and how soon you get it. Here are some of the issues that can determine how much your lawyer can help you obtain.

What Damages Are Involved in a Car Accident Settlement?

It’s never easy to put a dollar amount on an accident settlement, but important damages to consider include:

  • Medical bills
  • Car repair or replacement costs
  • Lost income
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium (loss of a close family member)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Punitive damages

The easiest bills to calculate are medical bills and car repair/replacement costs. You can get solid figures for those. The rest can be hard to calculate.

Won’t the Defendant’s Insurance Company Cover My Damages?

Not really. To save the insurance company money, insurance lawyers will work downplay your losses and injuries, especially your suffering. This is why you need a good personal injury lawyer working for you. Their job is to prove you deserve a better settlement than the insurance company offers. They’ll show that your suffering is real — and that it matters. You deserve compensation for the damage to your quality of life.

What If My Injuries Are Severe?

The defendant’s insurance company may still argue that your injuries aren’t as bad as you claim. Luckily, medical records will make your physical injuries, and the cost to treat them, clear. But your lawyer won’t just accept a payoff of your hospital bills. Your car accident settlement should be for the maximum amount possible, just in case your injuries are worse than the doctors thought. Some injuries take a long time to heal. Others cause permanent damage. You need enough money to help you overcome any future disabilities.

Will the Settlement Cover My Time Off Work?

The insurance company should pay for loss of income directly caused by the accident. However, they won’t want to pay for any future loss of income related to your injuries. But you may need it if the damage is permanent, especially if it ruins your chances of promotion. Discuss potential future loss of income with your lawyer, and include it in your car accident settlement.

What About My Mental Health?

After a major accident, you’ll feel miserable. Since the other driver caused this, they should pay for it. You may experience nightmares, fear, insomnia, depression, emotional breakdowns, and panic or anxiety attacks. If you’re in pain, you won’t enjoy life until the pain subsides. If a close family member died in the accident, you may also suffer due to loss of consortium. Make sure your lawyer takes all this into account when calculating your accident settlement.

Can I Sue for Punitive Damages?

If the other driver was especially careless, you can ask the court for punitive damages. The point is to punish them for their actions, so the amount you get can be very high. Be sure to ask your lawyer to take punitive damages into account. Realize, however, that juries rarely award punitive damages for car accidents.

Presenting the Bill

The accident settlement you receive will be based on your case’s facts, but your lawyer can ask for a specific amount. It should take all the above factors into account without being so large the court dismisses it out of hand. The most important things here are to cover your bills, including any future costs, and to repair your quality of life. Your lawyer will advise you on how much you should expect.

Brylak Law Can Help You Maximize Your Car Accident Settlement

If another driver has injured you in a car accident, call Brylak Law today. You need an experienced personal injury attorney to help you obtain a fair car accident settlement.