Since more and more people these days posts their entire lives on social media, it can be tempting to post about your accident. However, that post could impact your ability to recover compensation for your losses. Call Brylak Law today at (866) 496-3815 for more information about how social media can affect your personal injury claim.

Posting About the Accident

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After being in an accident, you may want to let people know you are “okay.” Or you may even want to badmouth the person responsible. But is that wise?

Insurance companies are aware that people often post an injury claim. They will monitor your social media use. They may even send you a friend request if you have privacy settings on high. If you post about your injury and make any statements about the other party, insurance companies, or claim details, they will likely use that information against you.

Posting About Your Injuries

It makes sense that you would want to let your friends and loved ones know how you are doing if you were in an accident. However, any information that is contrary to your injury claim or medical records will be used against you. If you post that you are “feeling fine” the insurance company will likely claim that this is evidence that you were not badly injured.

Posting About Your Activities Before or During the Accident

Don’t post details about your day prior to the accident or activities during the accident. The insurance company may use that information against you as well.

For example, let’s say that post that you were leaving the bar and someone hit you in a car. The insurance company may claim that you had been drinking prior to the accident.

Posting About Your Activities After the Accident

Status updates let friends and loved ones know what you are doing and can link you to others who are also taking part in similar activities. However, if you post extensively about your activities after an accident, an insurance company may use that information against you.

For example, let’s say that you post about going out with friends or taking a ski trip. The insurance company may claim that your injuries are not negatively impacting your lifestyle as you’ve claimed.

Posts Made by Your Friends and Family

Even if you try to avoid posting on social media yourself, your friends and family may tag you in their posts. If your friends or family make posts about your accident or your activities, insurance companies can use that information as well.

It’s best to monitor social media. Untag yourself from posts. Or you can request that your friends and family do not tag you in anything until your injury claim is concluded.

An Injury Claim Attorney Can Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes

An injury claim can present complex challenges regarding social media posts. Refrain from posting on social media to avoid scrutiny from insurance companies. For more information about your personal injury claim, contact Brylak Law today at (866) 496-3815.