Loredo Injury Attorney Injured businessman working at his deskIf you have suffered any type of personal injury, e.g. an automobile accident or a slip and fall, you may be contemplating bringing a lawsuit to recover for your damages. Brylak Law and its highly-experienced and skilled Laredo injury attorneys offer the following recommendations to guide you through your post-injury recovery and potential lawsuit.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Do not delay in seeking medical treatment for your injuries. Your health, welfare, and recovery should be your first priority. Even if you don’t believe you sustained significant injury, you should consult with and be examined by a medical professional as injuries often do not immediately manifest and may delay in presenting. Also, should you eventually bring a lawsuit, seeking immediate medical attention is advantageous to your case as it establishes proof  of the injuries alleged (claimed) in your lawsuit.

Maintain Careful Records

Be sure to maintain all records pertaining to the accident and your subsequent injury, including reports regarding the accident (e.g. a police report), medical bills and invoices, doctors’ notes, prescriptions, and diaries or logs of your post-injury physical and mental state. Well-maintained records will facilitate in establishing the extent of your injury and the costs incurred for which you seek compensation.

Follow Your Treating Medical Provider’s Orders

Brylak Law’s Laredo injury attorneys recommend that you precisely follow your medical professional’s instructions to expedite your recovery as well as benefit your lawsuit. Often during a personal injury lawsuit, the defendant (the party being sued) will retain a private investigator to observe and document the validity of the plaintiff’s (the suing party’s) injuries. Adhere to your physician’s instructions to avoid a situation where your injuries become questionable. For example, if you allege a back injury following an automobile accident and your doctor advises you to avoid lifting heavy items, don’t lift grocery bags, weights at the gym, or your children. These activities may be captured on surveillance.

Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney

Once you have been treated for your injury, you may wish to confer with a Laredo injury attorney regarding your legal rights. Like other states, the State of Texas requires that plaintiffs bring a lawsuit within a statutory time period, also called the statute of limitations. If you fail to file your lawsuit within that deadline, you risk waiving (losing) your right to sue for your injuries. Your Laredo injury attorney will advise you regarding the statute of limitations as it applies to your individual case.

Brylak Law will counsel you regarding these post-injury recommendations and more. Please contact us at (210) 372-8111 or toll free (866) 883-5533 for a complimentary consultation regarding your case.