stethoscope and gavel Personal Injury Attorney in San AntonioConsulting with a personal injury lawyer in San Antonio may be beneficial in recovering the financial expense of whiplash incurred in a motor vehicle accident. Whiplash injuries are generally sustained as a result of rear-end collisions. Thirty-three percent of accidents that are reported are as a result of rear-end collisions, according to the National Highway Safety Administration. Such injuries occur because of the backward and forward motion of the head and neck during impact, which tears or stretches tendons and muscles. The symptoms are not always readily apparent.

How Does Whiplash Occur?

Whiplash occurs in the cervical area of the neck. Because of the rapid forward and backward movement during a rear-end collision, the neck can extend beyond the range of motion it normally occupies in relation to the body. The potential for nerve damage exists with even minor hyperextension because of the movement of vertebrae in the neck during a crash. Consulting with a personal injury attorney in San Antonio may help you when you are faced with a whiplash injury after an accident.

Are There Contributing Factors to Whiplash?

Research has been conducted into possible contributing factors that can elevate the risk of whiplash in a collision. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, females are more likely to suffer long-term injury from whiplash at 55 percent compared to 33 percent for men. In addition, women riding in the backseat of a vehicle have a risk of whiplash three times that of a male or four times higher if driving the vehicle at the time of impact. Individuals of both sexes who are taller tend to suffer more instances of whiplash because of lack of adjustment of the headrest. In addition, occupants of vehicles hit in the rear by heavier vehicles have a higher risk of whiplash as a result of the collision. No matter your position in a motor vehicle, whiplash can result from the impact of another vehicle. When involved in a rear-end collision, calling a personal injury attorney in San Antonio right away can help protect your rights.

Are the Symptoms of Whiplash Immediate?

Whiplash may present immediately or no symptoms may be present for hours or days. In addition, symptoms may initially be intermittent. Seeking medical attention after a rear-end collision is important since documenting the injury is crucial. It is a good idea to consult with a personal injury attorney in San Antonio. Your attorney may provide insight into the post-accident steps needed to document accident-related injuries.

What Are Whiplash Symptoms?

Symptoms of whiplash may present as mild, such as headache, dizziness or stiff, sore neck. It can include pain or numbness down one or both arms, numbness in legs, chest or hands, weakness and pain or difficulty when moving the head. These problems may recede and return after a few days. Because whiplash is a soft tissue injury, it may be difficult to diagnose since medical diagnosis tends to rely on symptoms, and CT scan, MRI or X-ray. Physical problems resulting from whiplash may require a long recuperative period. By speaking to a personal injury attorney in San Antonio, you can find out whether lost wages and medical expenses can be recovered in your case.

How Long Does Whiplash Last?

While some cases of whiplash are resolved in a short period of time, it depends on the severity of injury. Some cases may take six months or longer to resolve. During this time, an individual may need additional medical treatment, such as continuing physical therapy or home assistance if the individual is incapacitated. A personal injury attorney in San Antonio may be helpful in recovering expenses caused by whiplash.

Consulting a Personal Injury Attorney in San Antonio

Your personal injury attorney in San Antonio will help prove negligence in whiplash injuries caused by other drivers that can be used in a lawsuit. Call Brylak Law at (210) 372-8111.