Personal Injury Attorney in San AntonioYou may file a claim with your insurance company after an accident. What occurs after filing the claim could make or break your claim for benefits. A personal injury attorney in San Antonio has seen claimants incriminate themselves, which can result in a denial of benefits. Even if you are not filing suit, retaining a knowledgeable San Antonio accident attorney to assist you throughout the insurance claim process can save you grief from having your claim denied.

What Happens?

After filing your insurance claim, your claim is reviewed by the claims or insurance adjuster, who may:

  • Conduct an investigation to verify the information you provided
  • Request proof or support of your claim
  • Determine whether your claim is covered under your insurance policy
  • Determine how much you may be paid under the policy
  • Investigate the cause of the accident to assess who is at fault

Do not forget, insurance companies are private entities with profits in mind. Doling out money for every claim submitted will assuredly result in a quick bankruptcy. Thus, insurance companies will do all they can to keep their money by denying your claim or, at the very least, provide the minimal amount of benefits as possible.

What If I Am At Fault?

Depending on your policy, if you are at fault, your claim may be denied or you may receive partial benefits. Additionally, your insurance premiums will increase. Insurance companies are in the business of making money, so to say the fault assessment is unbiased is a fallacy. If the adjuster states you are at fault or partially at fault, you should dispute the assessment, which can be complex, overwhelming, and tedious. A seasoned personal injury attorney in San Antonio will help relieve some of your stresses, using experience and knowledge to fight your battle.

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Seek a Personal Injury Attorney in San Antonio

No matter what stage of the insurance claims process you are in, if you were injured in an accident, consult a tenacious personal injury attorney in San Antonio with Brylak Law at (210) 372-8111.