Our Personal Injury Attorneys in San Antonio If you have been injured in an accident, our personal injury attorneys in San Antonio may be able to help you deal with adjusters. Your attorney must know about the insurance carrier as well as the defense firms used by that carrier. Defense firms for more reasonable insurance carriers are easier to negotiate with and deal with during the litigation process. Conservative firms and insurance carriers are more likely to give you a hard time during both negotiation and litigation.

Types of Adjusters

Your personal injury attorney in San Antonio should be aware that many of today’s insurance adjusters are women. While there was one a “good old boys days” mentality in the insurance industry, this type of thinking is no longer productive or effective in dealing with insurance adjusters. Female insurance adjusters are typically polite, well-prepared and experienced negotiators and it is in your best interest to respond to them as the respected professionals they are. Threats and offensive behavior should never be used, and neither should words or behavior that demonstrate a gender bias.

Working with an Adjuster

Building a relationship with your insurance adjuster is crucial. Your attorney should take the time to learn about the adjuster, including personal information, such as hobbies, family information and other conversational topics. This establishes a friendship and builds trust during negotiations. It is also important to remember that your insurance adjuster has a supervisor and may not be directly responsible for a denial or decision. Attacking the adjuster will not get you anywhere in your settlement. Your lawyers should keep an open mind when working with adjusters who have reasonable employers, as this may indicate that their claim is also reasonable. Being polite and personable goes a long way in the negotiation process.

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