balances San Antonio Personal Injury LawyerWhen hurt in an accident, finding the right San Antonio personal injury lawyer is of the utmost importance. However, many potential clients find themselves without good legal representation, because they exhibit serious faults. During the initial consultation, and beyond, the lawyer may witness tell-tale signs that the client will not perform well in court. If like most people, you might fail to understand how a negative personality can ruin your personal injury case, perhaps resulting in a much lower than average damage award, if anything. It is just a simple fact, judges and juries prefer helping those who seem polite and appreciative. Your San Antonio personal injury lawyer is the best source of information on what the court might look for when making its qualified decisions as to how to recompense you for your injuries. Here are the types of people your chosen personal injury lawyer will tell you that judges and juries usually find less than likable.

Courts Dislike Litigants Who See the World as a Glass Half Empty

When these sorts of people enter a lawyer’s office, they automatically begin complaining. Your lawyer knows you have been hurt. Yet, if you are able to walk into their office, your San Antonio personal injury lawyer will understand that things could have been worse. You must always remember that you are fortunate to still be alive. Potential clients who see the world from a “glass half full,” rather than “glass half empty,” perspective, say things, such as, “at least my kids did not get hurt. That would have been unthinkable.” These clients will probably appear pleasant to the court. In contrast, if you are a negative person, your focus will be solely on what happened to you and how much money you can get as a result. This type of client will spend most of the consultation complaining about their situation. Juries and judges usually do not find such personalities likable. If you are a glass half empty type of person, you might need to make some attitude adjustments.

Courts Dislike Litigants Who Display an Air of Entitlement

Another characteristic that can damage a personal injury tort case is an obvious air of entitlement. A client who feels entitled to a damage award poses a serious risk to the lawsuit. The judge or jury will feel unmoved by claims that you deserve recompense. They are more likely to feel compassionate towards you when you demonstrate appreciation for the opportunity to receive help with your physical and financial problems.

Other Kinds of Negative People Personal Injury Lawyers Find Difficult to Represent

  • Those only interested in money.
  • Anyone who does not admit their own negligence.
  • People angry with the world.
  • Clients who question their lawyer’s professional competence.

Talk with a San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer

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