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San Antonio Car Accident Lawyers Answer Car Accident San Antonio FAQs

Car Accident San Antonio FAQS | San Antonio Car Accident lawyersA major aspect of the daily work performed by San Antonio car accident lawyers consists of answering the numerous questions that their clients have. If you have ever been involved in a road traffic accident, you probably know that these events tend to be confusing and chaotic. The first two questions that often come to mind right after a crash are:

  • How did that happen?
  • What now?

The questions that will likely come to your mind after the heat of the moment can certainly be answered by our car accident lawyers. Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about car accidents in and around San Antonio:

I was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash. What happens now?

All drivers should wear their seatbelts whenever they are in vehicle that is in motion. If for any reason you were not wearing your seatbelt when you got into an accident, the insurance adjuster may try to bring this up at the negotiation stage, but this is not something that will generally influence the outcome of the case in a Texas court of law. In other jurisdictions, however, you may have to worry about your failure to wear a seatbelt and how his may affect the process of claiming compensation for damages.

Do I have to show my medical records to the insurance adjuster?

If you get into an accident that turns into a personal injury case, you should not turn show any documents to anyone who is not your San Antonio car accident attorney. Medical records contain sensitive information that should not be released to third parties, particularly to adjusters representing the interests of the insurance company of other drivers involved in the accident.

Will I end up in court if I file a personal injury claim?

You would be surprised how many personal injury claims are paid by insurance companies without going to court. You may talk to an attorney and come up with a compensation figure that all parties believe is fair, and the case is settled without having to enter the courtroom. Not all insurance companies will oppose every legal challenge filed against them; in some instances they may already be predisposed to a settlement under previous advice by actuaries.

Do I have to go to the doctor even if I feel fine after the accident?

All drivers and passengers involved in road traffic accidents should see a doctor. You may feel fine now, but a physician may be able to detect a hidden injury or serious condition that you do not immediately feel due to an adrenaline overload. Most insurance companies will cover the costs of an initial visit to the doctor right after an accident. In general, you should never accept an offer of settlement from an insurance company until you have seen a doctor.

I think the accident was my fault, do I still need an attorney?

Personal injury and liability cases cannot be predicted, but they can be managed. If you were behind the wheel of a car that was involved in a crash, that does not automatically make you responsible for the accident. What you should do is allow an experienced San Antonio car accident attorney evaluate your case and weigh your options.

My air bags did not deploy. What should I do?

Car accidents do not only cause personal injury issues. There may be product liability issues as well, and the failure of airbags to deploy during an accident are examples of these issues. In this case, your car accident attorney may be able to file a liability claim against the automaker.

Should I sue the other driver or the insurance company?

Personal injury claims are largely procedural. They don’t always involve a lawsuit, and they are often resolved between the attorneys of the drivers and passengers involved as well as with the legal representatives of the insurance companies. In any auto accident case, you will need legal counsel to ensure that your interests are represented, even if no lawsuit comes out of it.

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