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Pueblo CO Contracts LawyerIf you have an issue related to government contracts and related fraud, a Pueblo CO contracts lawyer may be able to help you. State and federal governments spend billions on roads and other construction projects every year. However, these projects often attract fraudulent behavior. If you know of fraud in connection to a government contract, contact Brylak Law as soon as possible to learn how we can assist you.

Types of Government Contract Fraud on Construction Projects

The government works on many projects on an ongoing basis. Any of those projects are subject to contract fraud. Any time that a contractor, subcontractors, or other workers contract with the government on a project, fraud may occur. Some common types of government contract fraud include the following:

  • Bid-rigging bribes
  • Falsifying minority contractor status
  • Overcharging man hours
  • Overcharging for materials
  • Illegal kickbacks
  • Substandard workmanship
  • Using low quality materials
  • Failing to adhere to contract specifications
  • Falsifying documents and reports

Contractors may engage in an array of fraudulent behavior when working with the government on construction projects. It’s best to work with a Pueblo CO contracts lawyer to handle such situations.

Other Types of Fraudulent and False Claims

The government uses contracts in an array of different situations. Any time the state or federal government makes a contract with another organization or individual, fraud is a potential.

False claims occur frequently and may involve the government purchasing services, materials, and goods for use in programs by government employees. This may include electronics, such as computers and office equipment, or fuel for vehicles. It may also include food and other supplies for programs.

Fraudulent activity may also include providing sub-standard materials or used goods to the government after promising new items. Organizations may also engage in bid-rigging and overcharging for materials. If an organization or individual fails to follow a contract, then they may be defrauding the government.

If you are questioning a situation where you feel the government may be the subject of fraud, then you should contact a Pueblo CO contracts lawyer right away. We can evaluate the situation and help you initiate a legal procedure.

What to Do If You Suspect Fraudulent Activity on a Government Contract

If you suspect that the government has been defrauded, then you should contact a Pueblo CO contracts lawyer right away. Before you “blow the whistle,” you may want to know more about your rights and how the legal process will progress. You may be able to initiate a claim under the False Claims Act, or a qui tam lawsuit. Your options depend on the exact situation you’ve witnessed and the evidence that you have in your case.

If you give notice to the government of fraudulent activity in a contract situation, then you may be considered a “whistleblower.” Your job should be protected, even if you are employed by the person or entity that engaged in fraudulent activity. Further, you may be able to recover between 15 and 30 percent of the compensation that the government receives from the party who engaged in fraud.

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It can be difficult to know if you have valid information regarding a government contracts fraud situation. Speak to a Pueblo CO contracts lawyer at Brylak Law for help.