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Giving testimony at a deposition is an important part of explaining your claim to the opposing party, and our video will how we will do that. Our San Antonio accident attorneys understand that answering questions at a deposition can be a stressful process. However, we will make sure you are adequately prepared by following a few simple rules that will ensure the deposition helps resolve the injury claim in your favor. At Brylak Law, our San Antonio accident attorneys believe that the best way to help our clients is to educate them about the process and set reasonable expectations. By doing that, we have helped hundreds of clients prepare for depositions and settle their claims.

Methods Against You

Most of the time, a case will be fairly far along before deposition testimony is requested. Because of this, the opposing party will probably have quite a lot of information about your claim already. Depositions mainly serve to try and catch you in a lie. In other cases, their questions will be used to establish or imply that your story is inconsistent. Our job is to help you provide truthful, concise, and relevant answers without giving away information that is unnecessary or detrimental to your case. Our short video will help explain many of the factors you will need to consider.

What You Need to Remember

Our San Antonio accident attorneys can answer all of your specific questions prior to the deposition, but some basic rules to remember are:

  • Don’t embellish your story or injuries
  • Dress professionally and try to imagine how you will appear in the eyes of a jury if your case goes to trial
  • Give short responses that answer the question but don’t provide unnecessary facts.
  • If you don’t know the answer or can’t remember a specific fact, it is okay to say you don’t know.

Contact a San Antonio Accident Attorney

If you have an upcoming deposition, you will want to be in regular contact with your lawyer to make sure that you are ready. If you are subpoenaed to give testimony as a claimant or witness but haven’t hired a San Antonio accident attorney, you should consult with a lawyer as soon as possible to prepare for the questions you will face. Call Brylak Law today for a free consultation. We may be reached at (210) 372-8111.

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