San Antonio Neck Injuries ClaimsIf you have been in a car accident that resulted in a neck injury such as whiplash, a San Antonio car accident lawyer may be able to help you earn compensation for damages such as pain and suffering and lost wages. However, remember that every car accident is completely unique due to factors such as road conditions, which way the car’s occupants heads were facing, car size, and others. There are so many variables involved that an expert engineer must assess the accident to determine what injuries may have occurred as a result of the impact. However, your personal injury lawyers may be able to make rough estimates of the potential injuries after examining different variables.

Angle of Collision

Angle of collision is one important variable. It may seem like a head-on collision would be the worst, but collisions from angles and from the sides are actually often more hazardous. This is because they may cause the spine to twist. Neck injuries often result when the spine twists or when the head is thrust forward such as in rear-end collisions.

Speed and Size of Cars Involved

The speed and size of each car involved in the accident is also important. For example, in head-on collisions, the speed of the rear car is very important as speed dictates the forces placed on occupants in the front car. The rear car’s size and weight also matter. A speeding truck will do more damage than a speeding five-passenger vehicle. The front car’s speed and size are also important variables.

Other Variables

The road surface and conditions are also important variables as both can make an accident much more severe than an accident on a smooth, dry road. Wet or icy roads can cause cars to slide around, adding to injuries. Gravel can also cause cars to slide. San Antonio personal injury lawyers will also consider variables such as which direction your head was turned at the point of impact, your sex due to differences in anatomy, and your awareness. Your awareness is important because whiplash trauma is believed to be lessened if you have a chance to brace yourself before impact. If you had plenty of time to brace yourself before you were struck, your neck injury may not be as severe as it would be if the accident came out of nowhere.

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