San Antonio Car Accident LawyerIt may be financial feasible to settle a personal injury claim for $3,000.00 than rack up legal fees of upwards of $10,000 with a potential exposure of $15,000 in liability. Yet, a San Antonio car accident lawyer knows that insurance companies will rather spend the money than to settle a questionable claim.

Reasons for Going to Court

Unfortunately, we are a litigious society. Insurance companies are frequently faced with exaggerated or fraudulent claims. If there is a question as to who is at fault for an accident or if fault is shared, insurance companies are less likely to settle. Likewise, if there were questions as to whether the accident caused your injuries, especially if you previously suffered injury to the same area, or if your injuries are minor, insurance companies would rather continue to litigate the case than settle. Even if not financially reasonable, insurance companies would pay the legal fees than leave an impression that they will settle claims to avoid costly litigation.

Closing Files Is Preferred But Not at the Expense of Unjustifiable Settlements

Insurance adjusters receive about 50 to 100 claims a month and thus, closing files is one of their goals. However, adjusters will not substantially compromise the value of a claim just to close a file. Once a lawsuit is filed, the case is simply transferred to a defense attorney. The adjuster will continue to communicate and assist the defense attorney, but leaving the more difficult tasks to the defense firm.

Settlements Must Eventually Be Justified to at Least One Superior

Every adjuster, supervisor or manager has to answer to a higher authority. Settlement negotiations could be drawn out because claims will not be paid unless the settlement is justified and appropriately documented and supported. If a settlement is later questioned, the insurance adjuster’s job could be at risk. Therefore, an experienced San Antonio car accident lawyer will ensure that the insurance adjuster receives the required substantial documentation and support justifying the settlement.

Contact a San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer

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