San Antonio Injury AttorneyIf you have been injured in an accident, contact your San Antonio injury attorney immediately after seeking medical attention. You may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries depending on the circumstances of the accident. It is common to be asked to sign a release of liability or a waiver before you engage in any activity that can be considered to be risky. However, you may be wondering if you are injured does this waiver stop you from being able to file a lawsuit. The following information from your San Antonio injury attorney discusses if you are still able to file a lawsuit after signing such a document. If you find that you have questions after reviewing the information, contact your personal San Antonio injury attorneys to schedule for a consultation.

Filing a Lawsuit after Signing a Waiver

Personal injury waivers are typically used by any organization that is holding an activity where participants are at some sort of bodily risk. If you sign the waiver you are basically agreeing not to sue the organization if you do end up getting injured during the activity. Despite signing the waiver, there are some instances where you still may be able to sue if you have been injured. They are:

  • Negligence. The waiver may not cover an injury that occurs due to a careless, negligent, or preventable act.
  • Deliberate Wrongdoing. If an organization deliberately cut corners on safety equipment to save money and a participant was injured, this is an act of deliberate wrongdoing. Something like this is typically not covered under a waiver.
  • Children. Children lack the legal capacity to sign a binding document such as a waiver.
  • Fraud. The waiver could be null and void if the organization does not apprise the participants of all the risk involved in the activity.

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