San Antonio Injury Attorney - Reasonable InsurersLike most things in life, insurers can be good, bad, and ugly. There are high-end carriers who appeal to potential customers with mass advertising. If an insurer frequently advertises on TV or in print low premiums and prompt claim payments, most likely its performance in paying claims is slow to conserve funds to finance those TV commercials and newspaper ads.

Peaceful Settlers

The less seen of an insurer on TV, the more likely it settles claims within a reasonable time on fair terms without claimants having to file lawsuits to enforce their insurance contracts. Some of these insurers may operate nationally; most are regional. Their reputations for settling cases without unnecessary antagonism are better than are those of the big advertisers. They prefer mediation to litigation and will consider the merit of a claimant’s case objectively rather than arbitrarily for unfair advantage.

Claimant Attorneys

Adjusters for these insurers are as a whole different from those at the big advertisers. Experienced personal injury attorneys know they should approach such adjusters with a strategy different from what they use in dealing with the more difficult. A San Antonio injury attorney who does not recognize the difference may misunderstand the adjuster and believe the game is hardball when in fact it is the opposite.

A Case in Point

A San Antonio injury attorney after several months of work on a case sent the adjuster a demand letter and awaited a reply. Thirty days passed without a reply, so the attorney sent a short, cordial, follow-up letter, but another 30 days went with still no reply. Then the attorney called the adjuster but could not make direct contact. Finally, nearly 90 days after the demand letter, the attorney filed suit and sent a polite letter with the service copy of the complaint indicating continued willingness to discuss settlement. The adjuster then called and asked for a meeting to discuss the case and some others they had in common.

When they met, attorney and adjuster talked about their methods in handling personal injury cases. The adjuster made to the attorney a reasonable offer on every case they had. Since then they have settled nearly all cases, some presenting difficult questions of liability. Even though often late in responses, the adjuster always makes reasonable counteroffers, and cases usually resolve after a few phone conferences.

This example is typical of adjusters for reasonable insurers who try to resolve cases with car accident attorneys rather than fight all of them to the death in litigation with car accident attorneys.

Consult a San Antonio Injury Attorney

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