medical bills San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer A personal injury is a bodily injury (or injuries) accidentally caused by another’s negligent or reckless conduct, such as an automobile accident or medical malpractice. If you have sustained personal injury, you are likely to incur medical expenses. Depending on the extent of your injury, you may continue to incur medical expenses, including but not limited to surgery, x-rays, laboratory work, medication, and physical therapy. These expenses can be substantial and stressful. If your injury has rendered you unable to work, you are likely even more concerned about how and when you will be able to pay your bills. Brylak Law’s San Antonio personal injury lawyers will advise you regarding various options to defer paying medical expenses.  One such option is medical liens.

Medical Liens

A medical lien is a legal safeguard for medical providers, e.g. hospitals and physicians, giving those providers an interest in a patient’s personal injury lawsuit to ensure payment of medical bills. Under a lien, medical treatment is provided and payment for such treatment is deferred until a settlement or monetary award is obtained.

Various types of liens may be available, including Medicare and Medicaid. You should also be aware that not all medical providers accept liens. Your San Antonio personal injury lawyer at Brylak Law will counsel you regarding the types of liens applicable to your unique case. We will also explore alternative options to liens that allow you to defer paying your medical expenses until you are able.

Retaining a San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer

Injuries, expenses, and subsequent litigation can be overwhelming. The various methods of deferring payment of medical expenses can also be complicated and time-consuming. Allow Brylak Law to relieve you of this burden and negotiate deferred payment of your mounting medical bills.

Brylak Law’s seasoned attorneys have successfully negotiated deferred payment of medical bills for thousands of personal injury plaintiffs. We provide clients with the highest degree of legal skill, care, and representation.

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