San Antonio Personal Injury LawyersIt is becoming increasingly common for insurance companies to go to extreme lengths to discredit your claim in a personal injury case. Primarily focusing on the nature and extent of the injuries you allege occurred as a result of the accident, seemingly small, inconsequential matters can be taken out of context and blown out of proportion. To prevent this in your case, San Antonio personal injury lawyers offer the following tips.

General Considerations

It is recommended that you avoid any physical activity that may tend to compromise your claim. Even if your symptoms are intermittent, which is entirely possible and often occurs, you should always assume you are being monitored.

Video Surveillance

Cameras are small, easily disguised and difficult to spot. It’s a good idea to get in the habit of looking around when you are outside, especially near and around your home. Look for someone sitting in a car that is unfamiliar to you. An experienced auto accident attorney San Antonio residents trust can explain that activities as seemingly benign as raking leaves or taking out trash cans have been used to cast doubt on the severity of injury.

Social Media

The following is some simple advice from our San Antonio personal injury lawyers:

Be careful what you post. To the extent you are active on any social media site, follow these guidelines:

  • Reset your profile to reflect the highest security setting for that particular site
  • Accept no friend requests from someone you don’t know
  • Do not provide any information whatsoever regarding your personal injury case or medical condition
  • Although the safest manner in which to proceed is to post no new information on any site until your case is resolved, be aware that it may constitute an ethical violation to edit, delete or remove any information that is currently up on any site

Contact a San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyers for Legal Advice

Your lawyer will attend to the legal matters, but there are ways that you can increase the likelihood of a positive result in your case. For any questions in your particular circumstance, call Brylak Law, San Antonio personal injury lawyers, at (866) 496-3815.