San Antonio Wrongful Death Attorney Our San Antonio wrongful death attorney can walk clients through the topic of damages and describe how insurance companies calculate damages and what damages may be available in a particular case.

Economic Damages

Our San Antonio wrongful death attorney know that insurance companies usually begin their assessment of the value of a case based on the economic losses. This includes damages that may be easier to quantify, such as the victim’s medical expenses incurred before death and the loss of income of the years he or she was expected to live.

General Damages

Our San Antonio wrongful death attorney may then discuss general damages, such as pain and suffering. A wrongful death claim focuses not on the death of the decedent directly but rather on the suffering that the victim’s loved ones will endure due to the death. The victim’s loved ones may ask for damages based on loss of companionship or loss of consortium.


Insurance companies may agree to a settlement that takes certain circumstances into consideration. For example, the insurance company may agree to make periodic payments so that a minor’s education can be provided for. Alternatively, they may agree to help fund a surviving spouse’s training or education if he or she was previously out of the workplace.

Factors That Affect Value

Our San Antonio wrongful death attorney will also need to discuss with you the factors that can affect the value of a claim. For example, men have historically made more lifetime earnings than females. Therefore, a wrongful death claim based on a male decedent may correspond with a higher monetary value than one based on a female. However, other factors must also be considered, such as the decedent’s experience, education, and age.

Legal Assistance from Our San Antonio Wrongful Death Attorney

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