After suffering an injury resulting from an accident, you may be contacted by or be tempted to contact the insurance company insuring the person who the accident (the insured). It is always advisable to consult a seasoned San Antonio car accident lawyer before you communicate with the opposing insurance company regarding compensation for your injuries especially since insurance adjusters are experienced in negotiating settlements and will take advantage of your inexperience, lack of knowledge, and need for immediate compensation.

What the Adjuster Will Do

Generally, after reviewing the facts of the accidents, the insurance adjuster will determine who they believe is responsible for the accident. They will find any way they can argue that the accident is your fault, not the insured’s fault. Even if they find that their insured is at fault or partially at fault, adjusters will provide you with a low-ball offer that may barely cover your expenses, if at all. If you are desperate for money because your injury effects your earning potential, and you express your desperation, adjusters will not sympathize. You have given them stronger negotiating power and they will take advantage for your financial difficulties.

Once you have retained a skilled San Antonio car accident lawyer, never speak to the opposing party, including his or her insurance company. You should not speak to your own insurance company without first discussing with your attorney or being in the presence of your attorney. Insurance companies are not your friends. As private corporations, they are in the business of keeping their money to make a profit. Anything you say or information you provide to the insurance company could harm your case and potential compensation. The attached video provides you with further details regarding communicating with an insurance company.

Contact a San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer

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