Automobile accidents often raise serious legal questions that need prompt answers from a Texas auto accident lawyer.

6. Which insurance company pays rental car expenses?

Texas auto accident lawyerAfter being involved in an auto accident, you may need to obtain a rental car while your damaged car is being repaired. At that point, however, the real question becomes who will pay for the rental car.

Once the other driver’s insurance company determines that the other driver was at-fault, that other driver’s insurance company should cover your rental car expenses.

7. What types of damages are available in auto accident cases?

Personal injury plaintiffs can recover both economic and non-economic damages in auto accident cases. Non-economic damages cover pain and suffering, emotional distress, and mental anguish that are directly related to the accident. A Texas auto accident lawyer can help you to prove damages, which, in many cases, requires expert medical testimony at trial.

8. Should I accept an initial settlement offer from the insurance company?

Insurance companies typically offer low initial settlement offers to try to dispose of auto accident cases quickly and keep as much of their money in-house as possible. In many cases, you are better off to “ride out” the case through discovery. Later, the insurance company may offer more money on the case. This is especially true in cases where serious personal injuries are involved.

Remember that once you accept the insurance company’s settlement offer, you are past the point of no return. A Texas auto accident lawyer will be able to help you decide whether you should accept a particular settlement offer that is on the table.

9. What can an auto accident lawyer do for me?

An auto accident attorney will be able to investigate your claim and help you find a treating doctor. Once you have completed all of your medical treatment, an attorney can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and help you to obtain a settlement offer on your case. If the insurance company refuses to make a favorable settlement offer on your case, an auto accident lawyer can litigate your case through the court system or take it to trial, if necessary.

10. What if I cannot afford a lawyer?

Virtually all Texas auto accident lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis. This means that they do not get paid unless you do. If you receive a settlement or jury verdict in your case, the attorney will be able to collect an agreed-upon percentage. You should not have to pay an initial consultation fee up front in order to speak with a lawyer.

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