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Colorado Springs CO Insurance Claims Lawyer

Colorado Springs CO insurance claims lawyerInsurance companies don’t always play fair. Sometimes they deny policy claims that are valid or push policy beneficiaries to provide every little bit of proof before they honor the claim. If you’ve been denied on a life insurance or disability benefits policy, you are entitled to appeal the decision. A denial is not necessarily the final decision. Insurance companies are obligated by contract law to honor valid claims. With the help of a Colorado Springs CO insurance claims lawyer, you can overturn that decision.

Brylak Law has helped hundreds of beneficiaries appeal bad denials. If the insurance company refuses to honor your policy, Brylak Law can help get the evidence you need to honor the claim. We can also ensure that your insurance company does not deny your claim in bad faith. Call us today.

Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Life Insurance Claims?

There are situations in which life insurance companies deny otherwise valid claims. In some situations, this is an honest mistake on their part. In other situations, they’re simply looking for more information. But sometimes they make a bad-faith denial in order to pressure you into settling for a smaller amount of money.

Of course, it’s in their best financial interests to do exactly that. But when you have a lawyer advocating on your behalf, it becomes that much more difficult for the insurance company to leverage you out of money that you are rightfully owed.

Why did the insurance company deny your claim? There a few possibilities. Those include the following:

  • Death occurred during a contestability period, generally within the first two years of the policy;
  • Policyholder fails to report or misrepresents specific information (eg, smoking);
  • Policyholder’s death occurs during the application period;
  • Policyholder was behind in payment;
  • Beneficiary allows the insurance company to settle an incontestable policy for less than the policy is worth;

Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Disability Benefits Claims?

Insurance companies also deny disability benefits claims invoking specific reasons. When these reasons do not accurately represent your condition, then a Colorado Springs insurance claims lawyer can help them win on appeal. Those reasons include when the insurance company:

  • Claims the policyholder’s injuries are not severe enough to restrict working;
  • Claims that the policyholder has not provided sufficient proof of injury;
  • Denies the policy based on the claim that the policyholder is suffering from mental and not physical illness.

Contact a Colorado Springs CO Insurance Claims Lawyer Today

Just because your claim was denied doesn’t mean that the denial was valid. When insurance companies deny claims, it helps to have an insurance claims lawyer advocate for your interests. Often, it’s just a matter of finding enough proof to force the company to satisfy the claim. If you’ve been denied, the Colorado Springs CO insurance claims lawyers at Brylak Law can help you fight back.