Colorado Springs Product Liability Attorneys: Your Path to Justice

At Brylak Law, our product liability attorneys stand as champions who’ve triumphed against some of the world’s largest corporations. With a history of winning billions, our top-rated law firm is dedicated to helping clients reclaim their lives. For a free consultation, contact us today.

A Case That Ignited a Nationwide Recall: Defending Consumer Safety

Product Liability Attorneys

When consumers purchase a product, the implicit expectation is safety. Yet, poorly designed or manufactured products inflict serious injuries daily. Selling an unsafe product without adequately informing consumers of its risks is inexcusable. At Brylak Law, we believe those harmed by such products have the right to pursue litigation against the responsible companies.

We specialize in handling product liability issues such as:

  • Design Defects
  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Failures to Warn

Our legal team, undeterred by the size of the opponent, has consistently stood up against powerful entities. In a case against Johnson & Johnson, where they marketed a drug for children despite knowing its disfiguring risks, we secured an $8 billion verdict—one of the largest in history. Our commitment is unwavering, ensuring that companies pay a substantial price for compromising consumer safety.

The Battle Against Unsafe Products: Your Trusted Advocates

Companies prioritizing profits over consumer safety release unsafe products, treating consumer injuries as a mere business expense. Proficient in dealing with company lawyers, employing bully tactics, and settling for low amounts, we intervene to ensure these companies face severe consequences.

Our clients have recovered billions, including record-setting product liability cases. When facing life’s toughest fight, Brylak Law is the trusted firm to turn to. Beyond seeking compensation, we strive to rebuild lives. Every case is personal, and our commitment extends beyond legal representation.

No Matter Who You Ask

Our consistent recognition with the legal industry’s highest honors, winning the nation’s largest results, and frequent features in both local and national news publications testify to our dedication and the trust our clients place in us.

Exploring Product Liability: FAQs

What is a product recall?

A product recall is the removal of a dangerous product from the market. If a product is found unsafe, it triggers a national product recall. Injured individuals, pre- or post-recall, can file injury claims.

Are companies liable for unsafe products?

Responsibility varies; it could be the manufacturer, designer, or multiple parties. Our investigations delve deep to ensure all liable parties are held accountable.

Recovery Through a Product Liability Lawsuit

Lawsuits aim to help injured individuals recover losses, including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and damages caused by a dangerous product.

Product working as intended, Still Injured?

Companies can be at fault for injuries caused by their products, even if the product functioned as intended. Manufacturers must warn consumers of associated risks.