Colorado CO Whistleblower Attorney

Colorado CO whistleblower attorney

If you have witnessed an illegal, fraudulent, or unethical act carried out in the workplace, consult a Colorado CO whistleblower attorney before reporting it. Your lawyer can make sure you defend your rights during the process.

Both federal and state governments work with thousands of contractors every year, which results in the exchange of billions of dollars. Unfortunately, a lot of people and companies attempt to abuse this system in order to defraud others. The government therefore actively encourages employees to report any misconduct they observe or experience. Furthermore, the government often offers compensation to whistleblowers for exposing the wrongdoing.

At Brylak Law, we have helped many whistleblowers expose illegal conduct in federal, state, and corporate environments. And we have helped them recover significant amounts of money. For more information, contact us today.

What Is a Whistleblower?

Whistleblowers are people that report knowledge or information in regards to any unlawful, unethical or questionable acts conducted in the workplace. You can also refer to whistleblower claims as “qui tam” actions. After reporting, the whistleblower’s information is used to expose a person’s, company’s, or organization’s wrongdoings.

What Types of Activity Are Subject to a Whistleblower Claim?

  • Any violation of state or federal law based on insider trading, violations of contractual agreements, or discrimination
  • The purposeful neglect of reporting any information required in disclosures. This includes tax information, customs information, or illegal activity carried out by officers or shareholders
  • Fraud pertaining to MediCare, Social Security, or any other public benefit projects

What Happens If You Blow the Whistle on Someone?

In spite of the fact that all cases of whistleblowing are different, whistleblowers have protections under the law. Your Colorado CO whistleblower attorney can make sure that you protect your rights. Fortunately, even if you’re an employee, your employer legally cannot seek retaliation by firing you, demoting you, or intimidating you. However, many corporations or people under investigation can still attempt to silence you.

Your attorney will advise you as to what to expect in your case, as well as help you regulate the fallout after your report is made. Remember, if the company or person under investigation still tries to silence you, your attorney will then file any necessary lawsuits or claims in an effort to keep you protected.

Even if you’re unsure whether the act you witnessed was unlawful or not, speak with an experienced Colorado CO whistleblower attorney about your specific situation. Unfortunately, simply exposing someone of wrongdoing is not enough. You also need to create a plan before reporting to properly ensure that your rights and reputation will not be damaged once your case is filed.

Consult a Colorado CO Whistleblower Attorney

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