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What Are Examples of Personal Injury Cases and Accidents?

Did you know that over 29.4 million people went to the emergency room last year for unintentional injuries? Just because these injuries are unintentional doesn’t mean they’re not harmful. More often than not, the individuals injured aren’t able to pay their substantial medical costs. If the accident that caused the injury was caused by another [...]


The Differences Between Personal Injury and Bodily Injury

Is there any difference between bodily injury vs personal injury? While the two terms are used interchangeably, the law considers bodily injury to be different than personal injury.    To understand the difference, you have to understand who it is that is using the terms and in what context they’re being used. What is a [...]


How to Deal with a Car Accident in a Parking Lot

A large number of accidents occur in parking lots, you just don’t hear about them on the news because there aren’t any casualties. Nonetheless, the majority of rules that apply to car accidents that occur on roads also apply to car accidents that occur in parking lots. For instance, leaving the scene of the accident [...]


Rental Car Accidents and Renter’s Liability

You rented a car. You got into an accident. Whose insurance will cover the crash? How would a personal injury lawsuit play out? These are all very common questions for those who have ever been in an accident while driving a rented vehicle. Rental car accidents happen more frequently than individuals who are driving their [...]


What Happens When Someone is Killed in a Car Accident?

When someone is injured in a car accident, they can file a claim against the other driver’s insurance policy or file a lawsuit against the other driver to recover damages. But what happens when someone is killed in a car accident? In that case, it would be up to the person’s next of kin (usually [...]