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Pueblo CO Insurance Claims Lawyer

Pueblo CO insurance claims lawyerInsurance companies make their money in a couple of different ways. Firstly, they don’t just deposit your money into a savings account, they invest it on the market. Secondly, when they have a large account that is ready to pay out, they find a way to deny the claim. If you’ve paid into a life insurance or disability insurance policy for years and your insurance company turns around and denies your claim, you can fight back.

If you’re having difficulty with an insurance company honoring your policy, speak to a Pueblo CO insurance claims lawyer at Brylak Law today.

Why Was My Life Insurance Claim Denied?

If you’ve been denied a life insurance claim as the beneficiary of a policy, you are entitled to an appeal. In some instances, a valid denial has been made on the policy. In other instances, the insurance company denied the claim in bad faith or made a serious mistake. The Pueblo CO insurance claims lawyers at Brylak Law have seen a number of instances in which insurance companies denied life insurance claims. Those include when:

  • A death occurs during a contestability period — usually the first two years of the policy;
  • The policyholder makes a claim or fails to report a behavior (like smoking) that the insurance company later discovers is false;
  • A death occurs during the application period — the insurance company may have offered temporary life insurance during this periods;
  • An accidental death benefit is denied — the insurance company may offer the face value of the policy;
  • The claim is denied due to a payment lapse;
  • The insurance company settles an incontestable policy for a reduced amount of benefits.

In such cases, a Pueblo insurance claims lawyer can help you during the appeals process.

Why Was My Disability Benefits Insurance Claim Denied?

There are a few reasons that insurance companies deny disability insurance claims. Those can include when:

  • The insurance company claims that your illness is not severe enough to restrict you from working;
  • You haven’t supplied enough medical proof that there is an injury that prevents you from working;
  • The restrictions that you are claiming disability for are mental — as in mental illness — rather than physical.

Contact a Pueblo CO Insurance Claims Lawyer Today

If your claim has been denied, you don’t need to give up. Insurance companies are beholden to contract law and must satisfy claims when they’ve agreed to do so. Call a Pueblo CO insurance claims lawyer at Brylak Law, and we will begin preparing your appeal immediately.