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Pueblo CO Work Injury Lawyer

Pueblo CO work injury lawyerBoth public and private employers must provide workers’ compensation coverage under Colorado law, but there may be certain situations under which it is beneficial for a worker who was seriously injured to have a Pueblo CO work injury lawyer manage their claim.

A Pueblo CO work injury lawyer at Brylak Law can help you manage your work injury claim. Call us today to begin discussing your case.

How Workers’ Compensation Claims Work in Colorado

Colorado workers’ comp claims are overseen by the Division of Workers’ Compensation and operate on a no-fault system. In other words, you don’t need to prove that your employer was at-fault to make your workers’ comp claim. The only thing you must prove is that your injury occurred while you were on the job.

In most cases, private insurance companies will manage workers’ comp claims, but some companies are large enough to back their own claims. They must, however, apply to the state for this exemption.

Potential Damages

If you suffer injury on the job, you may be able to receive compensation for the following damages:

  • Temporary disability benefits that compensate you for wage loss,
  • Permanent disability benefits in cases where you are no longer able to work,
  • Medical expenses related to the cost of your injuries,
  • Vocational rehabilitation if you are no longer able to do your job because of your injury,
  • The costs of transportation to and from injury-related medical care.

What Should I Do If I Sustain a Work Injury?

The first thing that you should do is alert your employer to the injury. In most cases, injured employees do not have to file a claim. Instead, their employer issues an injury report to their insurance company. If your employer neglects to report the injury, then you should file the claim yourself online. The insurance company then looks over your medical records. They may ask for you to see a medical or vocational expert to determine whether your injuries will prevent you from doing your job.

When Do I Need a Pueblo CO Work Injury Lawyer?

There may be certain situations in which your claim is denied. Insurance companies can say that the workplace accident only aggravated your injury, and that it existed prior to the work injury. They may dispute the notion that the injury was work-related or your employer may fire you after getting injured on the job (which is illegal). Nonetheless, claims filed after an employee has been terminated are typically denied.

In addition, you may want to have an attorney litigate your case when the injuries are catastrophic or life-altering. If this describes your situation, having a skilled Pueblo CO work injury lawyer manage your claim can be the key to a successful outcome.