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Pueblo CO Whistleblower AttorneyIf you’ve ever witnessed an illegal, unethical, or fraudulent act conducted in the workplace, contact a Pueblo CO whistleblower attorney before you report it. Your attorney can help to protect your rights during the entire reporting process.

Both state and federal government work alongside thousands of contractors each year. This results in the exchange of billions of dollars. Unfortunately, during these exchanges, many people and companies abuse the systems in place to defraud other people. In response to that, the government encourages citizens and employees to report any misconduct they experience. Furthermore, the government will even offer whistleblowers compensation for exposing any wrongdoing.

Our seasoned legal team at Brylak Law has aided many whistleblowers in the exposing of wrongful misconduct in state, federal, and corporate environments. In turn, we’ve recorded a considerable amount of money on their behalf.

What Is a Whistleblower?

A whistleblower is any person that reports information or knowledge regarding any unethical, unlawful, or otherwise questionable acts committed in the workplace. Sometimes claims of whistleblowing can also be called “qui tam” actions. Once reported, the whistleblower’s knowledge is used to expose the wrongdoings of a person, company, or organization.

Valid Whistleblower Claims May Include the Following:

  • Violations of federal or state law due to discrimination, violations of contractual agreements, or insider trading
  • Neglecting to report required information in disclosures. (For example, customs information, tax information, or any unlawful activity conducted by shareholders or officers)
  • Fraud in Social Security, MediCare, or other public benefit organizations

What Are the Consequences of Whistleblowing?

Though every case of whistle blowing is different, you a whistleblower have legal protections. A Pueblo CO whistleblower attorney can inform you of your rights, as well as help you protect them. If you’re an employee, your employer cannot legally seek retaliation by demoting you, firing you, or intimidating you. However, the fact of the matter is that many people or corporations under investigation may still try to silence the whistleblower.

Your attorney can also educate you on what to expect. He will also help you manage any fallout once you submit the report. Should that person or company under investigation still attempt to silence you, then your lawyer can file all necessary claims or lawsuits to keep you protected.

Whether the conduct you witnessed was unlawful or not, you should still consult a knowledgeable Pueblo CO whistleblower attorney about your specific circumstances. Unfortunately, simply exposing the wrongdoer is not enough. You must also construct a plan prior to reporting to ensure that your reputation and rights are not damaged after the case is filed.

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